in the Pölstal

Jump in and cool down

The Pölstal ponds offer a refreshing change to the towering mountains which surround the valley.

The water provides and attractives alternative to more strenuous activities and children are in good hands, as the facilities offer lots of room to play and to enjoy the day.

More about swimming

Leisure facility Möderbrugg

You can combat the heat and enjoy your time to the fullest by jumping into the landscaped pond in Möderbrugg.

Address: 8763 Möderbrugg
Contact: Municipality of Pölstal

Price: free!

+43 3571 2204


Bio bathing pond in Pöls

The natural swimming pool in Pöls is a refreshing paradise for all visitors and the extensive grounds offer the right activity for every guest.

Address: 8761 Pöls-Oberkurzheim, Mühltalweg
Contact: Municipality of Pöls-Oberkurzheim

Price: free!

+43 3579 8316


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