Cycling & Mountainbiking

in the Pölstal

Discover the Pölstal by bike!

Treat yourself to a day of sports in the Pölstal and enjoy the view of many peaks, which can be reached by bike.

For all those, who would prefer a more intimate tour, the well-signposted River Mur Cycling Trail offers a fantastic day out for families.

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Tours in the Pölstal

Cycling in the Pölstal

Oberland Tour: At around 56km, this circuit starts at the secondary school in Pölsand leads through Oberzeiring, Niederwölz and Unzmarkt.

Murradweg(River Mur Cycling Trail): TheRiver Mur Cycling Trail is around 342km

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For many, of course, it is not enough to restrict a visit to the Pölstal to biking. Our hosts can offer you a room for the night, provide you with a hearty, healthy breakfast and get you fit for the next day.

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