Why a holiday in Austria, in the heart of Styria, is right for you!
#1 - You don't have to worry about hotels or towns crammed with people
We don't need to make any special provisions here, as local hotels and accommodation establishments are generally built to a small scale. You'll be hard pressed to find a large concrete hotel block here.
You'll find a range of chalets, holiday apartments, privately rented lodgings and camp sites for a self-catering stay away from the masses.
#2 - Family-run businesses & private rentals
You'll mainly find family-run establishments here, where the owners themselves get involved to make sure guests are well and happy. Everyone in the family and the local community pitches in, so you can enjoy a care-free holiday even in these troubled times.
#3 - Local products
These are available for local establishments and for you as a holidaymaker. The region enjoys a strong position in culinary terms, with a range of local products supplied by the many agricultural businesses. You will be able to discover all sorts of Styrian specialities here: at the many small "Greißlern" (grocers) or regional markets, or perhaps at the farm shops. From pumpkin seed oil to "Murtaler Steirerkäse" (cheese from the Murtal), from "Zirbenschnaps" (schnapps flavoured with Swiss stone pine cone) to "Seckauer Lebkuchen" (gingerbread from Seckau) and much more besides.
#4 - A warm community spirit at the heart of things
The people of this region have already weathered a few storms over the past few decades ‒ and they've learned that the only way to get through a crisis is to stick together. Respect and sincerity in the community is therefore a way of life, not just a sales pitch.
#5 - Discover the unknown
For many people, the region is but a blank spot on the map. So it's high time to explore this part of Austria. The Murtal will surprise you with its wealth of attractions and beautiful scenery.
The Murtal region is situated in the western part of Upper Styria ‒ the towns of Judenburg, Knittelfeld, Spielberg and Zeltweg are well-known. However, the small towns and villages ‒ Pölstal, Pöls-Oberkurzheim and Pusterwald ‒ are only really known to the visitors who come here for a summer retreat. For generations, people have chosen these locations to enjoy a break from city life.
#6 - From valley to mountain
From the Murradweg cycle trail to the Rosenkogl, from bike riding tours to hikes, from family attractions to cultural gems ‒ the variety of the region is surprising.
Did you know that there are 92 peaks standing over 2,000 m tall in the Murtal? Or that the Murtal has its own system of cycling "nodes" or junctions, which you can use to map out your own personal bike tour (road or mountain)? Plus, there's a map specifically for cultural gems that you can use to embark on a tour of cultural discovery... And lastly, the region's family-friendly attractions ensure that your family can finally enjoy some freedom again, and the kids are busy and occupied.
Have we sparked your curiosity? So what now?
#1 Enquire & book
Support our establishments by contacting them directly with your enquiry and booking ‒ booking platforms such as require accommodation providers to pay high fees.
#2 Let the anticipation build
We are more than happy to send you tips and suggestions for your tour of discovery through the region, so that you can start making some initial plans and get excited about your upcoming holiday in Austria.
#3 Arrive and enjoy!
Finally you're out of your own four walls! Just see what a change of scene can do for you! It's hard to compare the new impressions, new experiences and sense of freedom you'll feel after this difficult time has kept us at home.

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Take care of you, take care of me in the Pölstal!

Dear guests!
At the moment we are all in an extraordinary situation again. It is precisely in this difficult time that a great wave of willingness to help can be felt.

Many restaurateurs are starting again with a pick-up and delivery service!


Reviews of guided hikes 2020

Here are a few impressions of the guided hikes. At the beginning of August, the idyllic and secluded Tubaysee in Bretstein was the focus and at the beginning of September the Gerschkogel in the municipality of Pöls-Oberkurzheim was hiked with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.


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