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in the Pölstal

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Oberzeiring spa

The natural conditions in the 10 metre high Heilstollen Oberzeiring (Oberzeiring radon galleries) provide a unique combination of therapies. The desired healing effect is caused by the interplay of constant air temperature, high humidity and complete lack of dust and allergens.

Why Heilstollen Oberzeiring?

Together with standard therapies, there is evidence that an hour in the Oberzeiring radon galleries each day has a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases.
The following conditions are treated in the Oberzeiring radon galleries:

· Diseases of the lungs andairways

· Musculo-skeletaldisorders

· Metabolic diseases

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Pölstal health deals

A large number of health establishments complete the range of health opportunities available in the Pölstal.

You can find an overview of these in our health Newsletter under the titles "fresh, fit, healthy and well cared for"!

FRESH: ... the freshness of the countryside and freshness for your body!

FIT: ... be good to yourself and keep yourself fit!

HEALTHY: ... serving your health!

WELL CARED FOR...high quality care and a high quality of life!

Heilstollen Oberzeiring

With its dust- and allergen-free radon galleries and complementary therapies the spa offers the ideal conditions for stabilising the respiratory system, strengthening the immune system and easing breathing during the cold season.

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