Oberzeiring Tobacco Museum

Hauptstraße 17
8762 Pölstal/ Oberzeiring

Do-So, 9-18 Uhr
Year-round operation!

+43 3571 20 065

In 1986, Rudolf Kellner opened a private museum in Oberzeiring using exhibits from the Austria Tobacco Museum.

The museum now has approximately 2,000 tobacco-related objects and shows production from plant to the cigarette and the development from craft to tobacco factory.

After passing the tobacco roller in the entrance hall you enter the museum’s five rooms (approx. 400m2), where you can see cigarettes, cigars, pipes and snuff from 45 countries. You will also find tobacco accessories, such as a Hatschi snuff machine, cigarette papers, filling and rolling machines and a number of ashtrays. There are also a range of pipes (some beautifully designed), including the pipe of the late Caritas President, Leopold Ungar.

Cigarette pack design plans document the changes in packaging. Finally, you will see some old tobacco cutter machines and dioramas with Austria Tabak’s most important children’s and rest homes. And in the video room is a gallery of the Director Generals of Austria Tabak from 1784 until today.

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