School of the Senses

Schule der Sinne
St. Marein 102
8820 Neumarkt

The opening times can be found on the homepage!

+43 664 99 57 310

In the Neumarkt School of the Senses, touching and participating is expressly encouraged. There is a lot of knowledge and wonders to experience here. In addition to the School of the Senses, four other exhibitions are housed on Neumarkter Hauptplatz: The nature exhibition, the 1,800-piece Häferlmuseum, the mining museum and a faithfully reconstructed, hundred-year-old classroom offer interesting insights into a wide variety of topics. The School of the Senses itself is a world of experience in which participation is not only allowed but expressly encouraged. At various stations, such as the magic hourglass, the scent wall or the sound board, children and adults alike can research, touch, smell and, above all, try them out for themselves.

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