Star tower Judenburg

Hauptplatz / Kirchenplatz 1
8750 Judenburg

The opening times and current schedule can be found on the Star Tower's homepage!

+43 3572 44 088

Take off into higher spheres!
The star tower is not an observatory, it is rather a sky simulator and not a telescope. The planetarium in Judenburg is equipped with the most modern planetarium technology in Europe and takes you into the mysterious world of planets, stars and galaxies. Refined space action similar to "IMAX", which arouses amazement and at the same time expands people's worldview. You can only experience something similar in New York or Hamburg.

Your experience begins with the lift ride up the 500-year-old city tower: with the most unusual all-round glass lift in Austria, which leads 40 meters up through the massive bell chair. You land in the futuristic-looking dome room and take a seat on one of the comfortable sky chairs. The light goes out, suddenly thousands of tiny points of light appear magically from the velvet of the night, flashing and sparkling like diamonds on the huge circular screen. Spaceships fly through the cosmos to impressive audio sounds, explore distant galaxies and tell of the wonders of mysterious worlds. The Judenburg city tower, home of the planetarium and symbol of the city, offers you an exciting and varied time. In addition to the glass lift, there are still 256 steps available for the "sporty" to climb the highest tower in Austria.

ATTENTION! The Judenburg planetarium is not barrier-free!

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