Kirchen im Pölstal

Churches in the Pölstal

Kath. Church- St. Catherine and St. Ulrich- Bretstein

Address: Bretstein 3a
8763 Pölstal / Bretstein

The church, which was originally dedicated to Saints Catherine and Ulrich (until 1545) was first mentioned in 1343.

Catholic Church of St. Nikolaus- Oberzeiring

Address: Marktplatz 3
8762 Pölstal / Oberzeiring

The core of the parish church, which is Gothic today, dates from the early High Middle Ages and is consecrated to St. Nicholas.

Catholic Church of St. Nikolaus-Pöls

Address: Hauptplatz
8761 Pöls-Oberkurzheim

The Romanesque parish church was built in the 12th century and is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The parish church is a three-aisled pillar basilica with four bays and a transept, which has a Gothic ribbed vault.

Catholic church "Maria im Moos" Pusterwald

Address: Pusterwald 52
8764 Pusterwald

The parish church Maria im Moos is a Roman Catholic parish church in the municipality of Pusterwald in Styria.
The late Gothic church, surrounded by a walled cemetery, was built around 1430 and was a branch of Sankt Oswald bei Zeiring. The nave was raised and vaulted in 1695. In 1787 the church was elevated to a parish church. In 1880 and 1957 the church suffered fires.

Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist - St. Johann am Tauern

Address: Parish Office St. Johann am Tauern
8765 Pölstal / St. Johann am Tauern

Church of St. John the Baptist is the name given to churches that bear the patronage of John the Baptist. Johannes Baptist is the Latin name.

Catholic Church of St. Oswald-St. Oswald-Möderbrugg

Address: St. Oswald
8763 Pölstal / St. Oswald-Möderbrugg

The two-aisled, late Gothic parish church was built around 1468–1476, on the side altar a remarkable Rococo Pietà.

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