Museum Murtal

Museum Murtal: Archäologie der Region
Herrengasse 12
8750 Judenburg

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+43 3572 20 3 88

Travel back in time to see what the world looked like 3,000 years ago!
The Museum Murtal takes visitors on an exciting trip to the Iron Age and back again. The exhibition presents jewels from the rediscovered Cult Wagon grave site and the sensational "Helmgrab" site, masterpieces of ceramic art from the Hallstatt period and magnificent weapons crafted from bronze and iron. The finds from the barrow mound burials in Strettweg ‒ up to 3,000 years old ‒ paint a picture of culture and trade, of elaborate burial customs, and of the innovations of the Hallstatt period. Who lived in this region before we did? What separates us from these people and what do we have in common? The Arbeitskreis Falkenberg work group has made it their mission to promote archaeological research in the region and bring the prehistoric people of the Murtal back to life.

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