Goldwaschen in Pusterwald!

Gold-digging in Pusterwald!

Goldwaschanlage Pusterwald
Hannes Mitterhuber
8764 Pusterwald 171

In winter, depending on the snow conditions, open from 10 am Fridays to Sundays. During the summer holidays, open from 10 am. You can pan for gold here in the summer from 10 am to 5 pm.

+43 664 79 21 044

+43 664 31 49 824

Gold-panning - an opportunity for active holidays! Since time immemorial, gold has influenced destinies and with it the history of mother earth. Time and time again, the magic of gold has put mankind under its spell. Every day dreams of fame and fortune are kindled. All you need to make these dreams come true is a gold pan, a shovel, a short introduction to gold-panning. You’ll have gold rush fever in no time at all. With a little luck and patience, you will find a little gold in your pan, which you can, of course, take home!
The new gold-panning facility has been in operation since 2011. As well as gold-panning, you can also have a snack or a drink in our new hut. There is also a play area and a newly built waterwheel for children.

Gold-panning: €5.00 (pan and spade loan included in price)

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