Gedänkstätte, KZ- Nebenlager

Concentration camp memorial

8763 Pölstal/Bretstein
Bretstein 10

The beginning of the Mauthausen subcamp in Bretstein, Upper Styria, is scheduled for the summer of 1941. Most of the prisoners were Republican Spaniards, so-called "Red Spaniards", who were arrested in France after their escape and interned in the Mauthausen concentration camp. In addition, there were Jehovah's Witnesses among the concentration camp inmates in Bretstein. The subcamp was connected to the SS's own business enterprise, the "German Research Institute for Nutrition and Catering GmbH". The concentration camp inmates were forced to work building a road in the Bretsteingraben as well as in agriculture. The dreary and inhumane fate of the prisoners led to several attempts to escape. The camp was closed on September 30, 1943. A memorial ceremony takes place once a year in May.

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