Adresse: Verein Pöls-Sauerbrunn
unter dem Schloss Thalheim

Kontakt: Spiegl Ludwig

Südtirolerstraße 3B
8750 Judenburg

May to November
Registration required!

+43 676 78 75 252

If you want to try your hand at the fine art of archery, Thalheim bei Pöls is the place for you.
There are bows and arrows to borrow for beginners and those who still want to become professionals. After a short briefing, you can get started on your own.

Archery is a recreational sport that challenges body, mind and instinct in equal measure.
Since there is no age limit, it is the ideal sport for the whole family.
Exercising in nature means relaxation and adventure par excellence.

Open on Sundays from around 10 a.m. in good weather. Pre-registration by telephone is requested.

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