E-Bike rental

Interested persons have the opportunity to explore the Pölstal valley by e-bike! From 3 bikes and from 3 rental days delivery and also pick up the wheels is even free!


Hiking trails and cycle routes in the Pölstal ...

Enjoy the tranquility in the nature and find your personal Pölstaler-power place ...

Here you can find our online tour guide with the most beautiful hiking trails, cycle routes and ski tours in the Pölstal valley.


New hiking passports of the municipality of Pusterwald

Together with representatives of the municipality of Pusterwald, the Landjugend created three hiking passports, which exist in different levels of difficulty.


Austria’s biggest snow-shoe festival!

The >aufSCHNEESCHUHwandern festival in the Murtal Valley in Styria offers guided snow-shoe hikes, workshops and various lectures.

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THEO Studiobühne

Oberzeiring Theatre

OBERZEIRING THEATRE is the ultimate proof that contemporary art works outside urban spaces.
Every year more than 100 performances in the own house inspires around 10,000 visitors.


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